Aware Provides Biometrics Software and Services for Three Large-Scale Border Management Systems

May 18, 2012 - 

Three large-scale border management systems in Europe, Middle East and North America will be using biometrics software and services by Aware, Inc. The announcement was made May 15. These three large-scale border management systems will utilize Aware’s system integrators.

Despite the uniqueness of these continents in terms of topology, scale and volume of transactions, each will use Aware’s COTS software components package, which include Universal Registration Client (URC), BioComponents, and Biometric Services Platform (BioSP). In order to assist the main contractors to configure and integrate the system, Aware will also render software engineering services.

Aware has been in the biometrics industry for 20 years. According to Rob Mungovan of Aware’s Biometrics and Imaging group, it has remained focused on providing a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality biometrics software products and exemplary technical support.

Winning the project allows Aware to highlight its COTS software. This will soon be installed in workstations around the world to process biometric enrolment that will be used for electronic visa systems. Other integral components such as BioSP will work on backend interface such as workflow, data transcoding, reporting and connectivity.

Aware, Inc. is a leading software and technology supplier for biometrics, telecommunications and healthcare industries. To learn more about Aware and its software products, you visit their booth for software demonstrations at the Black Sea Defense and Aerospace 2012 in Bucharest on May 16-18 and Security Document World in London on May 21-23.

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