Biometrics Institute Australia 13th Conference and Exhibition

This two-day conference is the Biometrics Institute’s key Australasia event. Over 140 delegates attend to hear supplier presentations, view the technology exhibition and hear from industry case studies and industry experts. In 2011, this included many international guests and delegates from Hong Kong, USA, Spain, UK and Singapore. See our website for programme updates. All welcome to register and attend. Biometrics Institute members receive discounted rates.

About the Biometrics Institute:

The Biometrics Institute is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation founded in October 2001 in Australia with funding from the Australian government.

The mission of the Biometrics Institute is to be a forum for biometric users and other interested parties and to facilitate the responsible use of biometrics.

Its primary members are government and business users of biometric services and products, with other membership categories for vendors. To date we have over 110 member organisations in the public and private sector from Australia, New Zealand and some overseas organisations.

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