Black Sea Defense & Aerospace

BSDA 2012 is an international tri-service defense business-to business exhibition and conference dedicated to Defense, Aerospace, Homeland Security and Safety & Security, being supported by and held at ROMAERO.

It will be only open to government and industry members in the Defense, Homeland Security, Safety & Security and Aerospace Industries. The dress code is Working Uniforms and Business Attire.

Proof of industry affiliation is required either by government issued ID, or company business card. Possession of an exhibition invitation, or an on-line registration, does not guarantee admission without proper ID.

Visitor’s profile:
Local and foreign government officials
Civilian airline executives
Senior Air Force officials
Senior Army officials
Senior Navy officials
Senior Special Forces officials
Emergency & health officials
Search & rescue officials
Customs and police officials
Associations & press delegations

Exhibition Venue
BSDA 2012 is being held in Bucharest, at ROMAERO.

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