Different Fingerprint Types Affect the Verification Process

May 14, 2012 - 

Fingerprint verification is the oldest, cheapest and most popular biometric scanning method because  fingerprint types are unique to each person. However, due to the technology’s longevity, many criminals are attempted to circumvent this reliable access control system. Clever minds have found ways to conquer the various types of fingerprints scanners commonly used by corporations and even some government offices. For example, the basic optical scanner used to identify your fingerprint can easily confuse a gel mold for the real thing. A more ruthless criminal can also opt to cut off a finger to gain access to a protected area.

The increasing incidences of breached security has led security firms to combine fingerprint verification with another form of access control security. Companies that specialize in building security often recommend a multi-level security system which links a fingerprint scanner with another form of identification like a special key or a complex password.

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