Microsoft Files Biometric Patent for Xbox

May 18, 2012 - 

Microsoft has filed a new patent for its next Xbox console that covers biometrics. The patent is for a reading and pressure sensitive surface controller, which has the ability to log-in a user via a mere touch of a hand.

The futuristic controller is able to read a user’s biometric data and even automatically sign them in into Xbox Live without much further hassle. The biometric data that can be gathered with the advanced controller include: the grip of the gamer, length and breadth between fingers and the size of the hand or palm. The controller is said to be similar in appearance to those being used in the current Xbox 360.
By capturing the biometric data of a gamer or user, the new Xbox console creates a pressure profile signature, which is unique to each individual. It is then able to allow for faster access into Xbox Live gaming networks just by recognizing the biometric profile of the player.

Another profile access system, Kinect, is also able to automatically read a user’s biometric data by mere touch. The button free profile access system can quickly scan and sign a player without need for further identification.

Microsoft has noted patent registration does not signify that such technologies will be integrated into any of its products. Regular application for patents has long been a business practice of the company.

Would you use a biometric controller on your gaming system?

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