New biometrics ID management task order awarded by U.S. government

May 23, 2012 - 

Systems Technology Solutions (STS), Inc., a subsidiary of Evermedia Group, Inc., received a task order award to provide a U.S. federal agency the needed support for its biometrics business and analysis initiatives.  The government agency is advancing its biometrics facilities in areas such as business requirements development and multi-modal biometric identity systems. STS will lend its expertise in systems engineering and biometrics technology.

Richard Weitzel, President of STS, noted:  “For several years we had hoped for an opportunity to support biometrics in this way. We are happy to finally have the opportunity to serve our government in this capacity.”

For his part, Jonathan Sym, Chief Executive Officer of Evermedia, sees how this will benefit the U.S. federal agency involved, as efficiencies will be created because of enhanced identity management through biometric technologies.

Do you believe that biometrics can work as an integral component within a large-scale enterprise?

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