Panama Chooses Consortium led by Morpho for new e-Passport

May 31, 2012 - 

The Government of Panama will be issuing e-Passports to its citizens and it has commissioned a consortium led by Morpho, a leading provider of electronic documents and identity management solutions, to supply the enhanced documents.

Working with Morpho are Thomas Greg and Sons, a specialist in secure printing, and IAFIS Group, Morpho’s trusted partner for implementation and management of biometric project in Latin America.

For the record, Morpho has delivered advanced biometric system in 18 Latin American countries. Now, the company is set to deliver state-of-the-art, highly secure e-Passports to the citizens of Panama.

As stipulated in the contract, biometric enrollment stations will be delivered by Morpho. These enrollment stations will be equipped with facilities needed to capture photographs, fingerprints and signatures of passport applicants. To ensure secure issuance of e-Passports, Morpho will provide a latest-generation identity management and document personalization system as well as maintain the system for a five-year period.

For the e-passport itself, the pages will be made of polycarbonate materials, considered the most resistant material in the market today. The pages will be laser-engraved, which will give that added high-level security to the citizens of Panama against identity theft, protection of privacy and secure identification of passport holders.

According to Carmen A. Bernardez, National Passport Director of Panama, Morpho was chosen based on its sound experience in identity management, biometrics and secure electronic documents: “We are confident in Morpho’s ability to deliver a secure solution that meets industry standards.”

Will e-Passports enhance the speed and security of travel in Latin America?

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