AuthenTec’s Tiny $10 USB Fingerprint Reader

June 7, 2012 - 

The new “Eikon® mini” is the latest offering from AuthenTec and is believed to be the world’s smallest USB fingerprint reader on the market today.

The little USB device also comes with a corresponding tiny price. Initially offered at $9.95, it is currently the cheapest fingerprint scanner and access security device out in the market.

“Our new Eikon mini sets a new standard for fingerprint reader size and cost and is ideally suited for notebook users in the office, home or on the go. It addresses the growing demand from users who want to easily add fingerprint security to a notebook, ultrabook or tablet that isn’t already equipped with an integrated fingerprint reader,” said Tom Aebli, AuthenTec Vice President of Software and eCommerce.

Though granting of limited access via fingerprint scanner is not an entirely new idea, the fact that a tiny scanner has been successfully released is a marvel unto itself. The USB fingerprint reader can grant access security, data protection and even secure web browsing to its user. It is small, compact and is compatible with both Mac’s and PC’s due to AuthenTec’s TrueSuite® fingerprint sensor software.

The Eikon mini measures about 0.6 x 0.75 x 0.5 inches and can be plugged into any PC, Mac or tablet with a USB port. It can be purchased from the AuthenTec Web store and from Amazon.

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