Fingerprint Cards AB Launches New Fingerprint Sensor, Leads the Pack in ESD Resistance

June 29, 2012 - 

Sweden-based Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC), a company that specializes in biometric technology, is launching its latest product: the FPC1011F3 fingerprint sensor.

The FPC1011F3 boasts a thinner and more robust design compared to its predecessors and is now leading the race for the industry’s greatest ESD resistance, capable of withstanding an electrostatic discharge of ± 30 kV.

Built to endure high ESDs, the FPC1011F3 ensures a long component life span, a scratch-resistance surface, a 256 gray-scale value per-pixel image quality, a high-speed SPI interface, a 3D pixel sensor that can read dry or wet fingers and an ergonomic-designed frame for optimized finger scanning.

The thinner design has been developed to further facilitate the integration of the low-power-consumption area sensor into small embedded biometric products such as bank tokens and USB keys.

“We at FPC are constantly endeavoring to improve our products and to always be at the cutting edge in the biometric technology field. Our launch of FPC1011F3 emphasizes our intent to continue to invest in both area and swipe sensors,” Christian Skeppstedt, Product Manager at Fingerprint Cards said. “The launch of FPC1011F3 is a key step in continuing to have competitive products and in maintaining FPC’s dominant market position.”

The FPC1011F3 is currently manufactured in the same production facility as of the company’s existing area sensors.

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