Islamabad Courts use Biometrics Attendance Systems

June 14, 2012 - 

The Islamabad District Courts have been equipped with biometric time attendance systems to ensure that personnel from the Judiciary arrive on time.

The new system was installed as a response to the directive issued by the National Judicial Policy Making Committee after a meeting in late April.

All Judiciary employees are required to enter their biometrics before coming in and out of work. The directive along with the installed system aims to motivate judiciary employees to come to work on time. Those who have a habit of showing up late will be required to submit show cause notices or face disciplinary action.

The new attendance systems have been placed in three points: the courts of District and Sessions Judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan; District and Sessions Judge Syed Kausar Abbas Zaidi, and; Senior Civil Judge Abdul Gafoor Kakar.

An additional system is set to be installed at Senior Civil Judge Shahrukh Arjumand to help employees process their biometric entry faster.

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