Smart Card, Fingerprint Reader Launched for iPhone

June 1, 2012 - 

Precise Biometrics recently unveiled its Tactivo product. The Tactivo is a smart card and fingerprint reader designed for the iPhone. It offers unprecedented strong authentication options in a convenient enclosed iPhone case.

Tactivo works with smart card and fingerprint recognition implemented separately or combined. Designed as a sleek, singular smart case, Tactivo maintains access to the iPhone buttons and connectors, including the ability to charge and synchronize the phone without removing the case.

Using Tactivo, organizations can provide employees in the field with enhanced biometric applications through their mobile Apple device. Tactivo also allows for passwords, data and other sensitive information to be securely stored onto any iPhone through its interface.

Precise Biometrics has several applications being developed both in house and with partner software developers for the new hardware. New apps will be launched in the near future. And a smart case specifically designed for the iPad will also be released in the coming months.
Tactivo for iPhone supports U.S. smart card credentials including CAC, PIV, PIV-2, TWIC, and the Precise Match-on-Card™ credentials used in many national ID programs.

Will biometric readers eventually be built into mobile phone and tablet touchscreens?

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