Aware software allows California to track radiation exposure

July 4, 2012 - 

California state law on Health and Safety Code requires hospitals and clinics that use computed tomography (CT) X-ray systems to record the dose of radiation on every CT study produced. These scans are to be verified annually by a medical physicist.

Aware, Inc., a leader in biometrics and medical imaging software, has developed the AccuRad REM Server, a server-based software application for radiation exposure monitoring. The application allows hospitals and clinics to record and monitor radiation doses emitted by CT scanning and other radiological equipment to make them compliant to SB 1237.

Joe Kushi, Director of Sales for Aware, said: “AccuRad REM Server simplifies SB 1237 compliance, but also integrates dose data into third-party reporting systems and enables analysis that can help clinicians reduce risks associated with radiological exams.”

The comprehensive data produced by AccuRad REM Server can be distributed in standard-compliant form to radiology reporting systems, PACS, and external data registries. It serves many uses such as quality control improvement and clinical audits, analysis of population dose and dose indicators and exposure matching to patient scheduling. The REM Server also provides a Web browser-based user interface that allows medical professionals to access information such as exposure estimation and summaries through interactive analysis tools.

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