BioEnable releases latest Fingerprint SDK for free download

July 26, 2012 - 

BioEnable Technologies, a leading Indian company specializing in advanced electronic identification software, recently released its BioEnable Fingerprint Software Development Kit. The Fingerprint Software Development Kit is available for free download on BioEnable’s Web site.

The software development kit is a hybrid of the existing Biometric Solution Provider (BSP) SDK, 1:N fingerprint recognition engine, and fingerprint database search application. It also showcases exceptionally large database capacity and fast fingerprint matching speed.

Fingerprint SDKs are tools that are commonly used by software developers who are creating fingerprint-based applications. BioEnable’s latest Fingerprint SDK allows direct interactions of any applications to the fingerprint scanners’ USB port. The connection it allows includes fingerprint recognition devices and both single-finger scanners and multi-finger scanners as well. It also has high-level application programming interface (APIs) where its functions can be executed. BioEnable’s Fingerprint SDK guarantees adept fingerprint-based application development that contains sophisticated fingerprint recognition algorithm.

“Our Fingerprint SDK allows developers to create applications that guarantee incredibly fast search speeds and the highest recognition ratios,” said Pradeep Bhatia, Managing Director at BioEnable Technologies.

Do you think BioEnable’s Fingerprint Software Development Kit is also a reliable tool for developing fingerprint-based applications for banks?

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