Biometrics to help Africa hold credible elections

July 25, 2012 - 

Voting is a basic right and it needs to be safeguarded.

In Africa, many people cry foul because they believe the voting process is rigged and manipulated.

As a result, countries as Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia and Mozambique are now either using biometrics in the election process or preparing to. Biometrics with its simple and cost-effective technology can provide solutions to improve the electoral process.

Many intellectuals and organizations in civil society are calling for the use of biometrics in Zimbabwe, a country plagued by rigged election allegations by the international community.

Recently, Dr. Samuel Chindaro, an electronics engineer and researcher, called for the country’s electoral commission to adopt biometrics technology in a News Day editorial.

He argued that while voting takes place on election day, voting requires planning through registration, which he believes is the critical point where biometrics should be utilized.

Do you think the use of biometrics will improve the voting process in Africa?

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