Credit union to use DigitalPersona fingerprint biometrics solutions

July 19, 2012 - 

Service Credit Union has chosen DigitalPersona, a global provider of multi-factor authentication and access management solutions, for its employee authentication solution.

The credit union will use DigitalPersona’s Pro Enterprise software with U.are.U Fingerprint Readers to provide its nearly 600 employees with secure access to its customer information system.

“Our employees had so many logins they couldn’t remember them all, so they were just writing them down anywhere,” said William Arnold, chief information officer at Service Credit Union. “With DigitalPersona’s software and fingerprint readers, employees no longer have to remember passwords. The solution simplifies the login process across the board and improves our ability to provide exceptional service to our members.”

With DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise, employees are spared from memorizing their passwords by using one touch fingerprint authentication.  Once logged in, the employees can access any application or website.  Employees have positively received the new system.

“It has resulted in a near complete elimination of password-related network and application lockouts, which has increased employee productivity,” said Arnold.

Mike Printz, vice president of worldwide sales at DigitalPersona noted: “Service oriented organizations are facing more pressure than ever to provide both strong security and good customer service. However, in most cases, security and customer service can be diametrically opposed. DigitalPersona’s solution allows organizations such as Service Credit Union to simplify the login process by eliminating the user’s need to remember their credentials. This strengthens security by enabling the use of stronger passwords, while not impacting customer service.”

As a top 100 credit union, Service Credit Union has over 164,000 members worldwide.

Have you ever used biometrics log in? Was it easy or complicated? Let us know in the comments.

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