KlaasKids takes fingerprints, photographs & DNA to protect kids

July 24, 2012 - 

The KlaasKids Foundation conducted a free fingerprinting and photograph session for children on July 14.

The special child identification program was conducted by the foundation to help prevent the kidnapping, sexual abuse and physical harm of children. The event was held at the Burnett Elementary School in Morgan Hill, California.

The KlaasKids Foundation was started in 1994 as a means to advocate for stronger sentencing of violent offenders.

KlaasKids gives out DNA collection kits for parents to use. It is a non-traumatic collection kit that also includes materials they can use to teach their children about abduction prevention. This kit was given to each child that participated in the activity last Saturday.

Fingerprints, photographs and other biometric samples that are voluntarily provided by families are not entered into a national database, nor are any personal details made accessible to anyone.

Is fingerprinting and photographing children an effective crime prevention tool?

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