Nigeria lawmakers call for biometric scanners at borders

July 5, 2012 - 

A resolution by Rep. Emmanuel Ekon and 23 others was unanimously received and adopted by the Nigerian House of Representatives in Abuja. The resolution calls for the investigation of the absence of biometrics data capture machines at the nation’s entry points.

The presence of biometrics at the country’s airports and other entry points are important for the security of the country against terrorists, illegal immigrants and criminals.

Rep. Ekon, leading the debate, said: “Foreign elements with ulterior motives may take advantage of these lapses to harm the country and its citizens.”

He noted kidnappings, bombings, and other terrorist activities in Nigeria were mostly linked to illegal immigrants, resulting in loss of life and property, due to lack of security at all ports in the country. This has compromised the country and its citizens. The presence of biometrics in all entry points of the country would have helped determine the identity of these criminals.

He also noted that government agencies in charge of providing security at the airports have not lived up to the challenge. Therefore, he urged the House to call on the relevant committees to investigate the matter.

Will Nigeria be able to reduce violence with the use of biometrics at its ports and borders?

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