SIA claims biometrics can reduce Medicare and Medicaid fraud

July 11, 2012 - 

The Security Industry Association (SIA) recently tesified to the Senate Finance Committee that biometrics technology can contribute to a better and more efficient way to reduce Medicare and Medicaid fraud cases and secure patient information.

The Senate Finance Committee, which oversees Medicare and Medicaid, released an open letter on May 2nd provided suggestions and solutions to prevent the alarming fraud and abuse that plague the U.S. government’s health care programs.

“The use of biometrics in identification and authentication will meet the goals of the reforms”, SIA stated in a white paper, as response to the open letter from the Senate Finance Committee.

In addition, SIA stressed that technologies such as biometrics can protect recipients from identity theft and fraud and likewise ensure appropriate patient care.

The Senate Finance Committee plans to issue a document later this year that outlines key proposals on improving the security and integrity of the governments’ health care programs.

Do you think biometrics can help prevent if not reduce fraud and identity theft in health care programs?

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