Sony awarded vein-reading biometrics patent

July 9, 2012 - 

According to an article in Engadget, Sony was awarded a series of patent claims for a vein-reading mouse it filed back in January of 2009.

The patent provides design protection for a mouse that can obtain “a vein image” and provides for “a generation determination unit that determines a predetermined generation from the vein image; and a setting switch unit that switches content of settings, which is set in a computer connected through a predetermined transfer path, to content of settings assigned to the generation determined by the generation determination unit.”

When a user touches the proposed mouse, an image of blood vessels in the palm would be detected. It would also pick up pattern information such as the amount of wrinkles detected, to show characteristic of blood vessels. This detection would automatically customize the settings of a computer.

Sony had a number of specific target groups when it applied for the patent. Specifically, the technologies attempt to personalize and simplify tasks for seniors. Such a system would adjust computer settings for those with poor eyesight and change computer contrast, display, and character enlargement based on vein-based biometric identifiers through a touch of a mouse.

Do you want biometrics to conveniently customize settings in your home?

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