BIO-key scores high in NIST evaluation

August 2, 2012 - 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Proprietary Fingerprint Template II (PFT II) Evaluation measures the performance of fingerprint matching software by utilizing vendor proprietary fingerprint templates.

BIO-key International, Inc., a global leader in fingerprint biometric identification solutions, has been participating in NIST evaluations and has consistently garnered top scores for accuracy.

NIST is an agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce, and their evaluation, in terms of fingerprint biometric algorithm, is used by the industry for measuring algorithm performance.

In the latest NIST PFT II results, BIO-key reaffirmed its position for top scores in fingerprint extraction and matching algorithms.

Mira LaCous, CTO and VP Technology & Development of BIO-key International, Inc. said: “BIO-key’s core vector segment technology (VST) biometric algorithm was designed and built to perform with the highest accuracy and independence of end point platforms and scanner devices, which uniquely positions BIO-key within the biometric technology industry. Our customers demand complete flexibility in their deployment options, accessing our platform from a variety of devices including Citrix virtual terminals, laptops, tablets and smartphones running iOS or Android. They need to allow secure access from every device with one trusted universal solution.  The latest NIST PFT II results validate BIO-key as a leading biometric provider. With high accuracy and false rejection rates often below one percent, we have raised the bar for best in class performance.”

PFT II used multiple data sets to evaluate the one-to-one matchers including rolled and plain fingerprints from inked paper and live-scan devices.  POEBVA or Point of Entry Bio-Visa Application is considered by NIST as having higher quality dataset. In the POEBVA evaluation for False Non-Match Rate (FNMR), BIO-key is ranked first.  When evaluated for slap-style capture of fingerprints, BIO-key also leads in usability result.  Usability means the correct user will gain access quickly and correctly on a consistent basis.

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