Bode Technology debuts rapid DNA service

August 28, 2012 - 

Bode Technology Group Inc. recently introduced a rapid DNA service.

The firm’s rapid DNA service delivers DNA analysis and profiles from evidential samples within 90 minutes, which provides quick response to critical investigations. The service also enables the utilization of DNA as a biometric application for determining the identity of detainees at captious screening points.

“DNA has been labelled the gold standard in forensic science by the National Academy of Science, and this rapid service makes it applicable in more situations,” stated by Barry Watson, President & CEO of Bode Technology Group Inc.

Bode Technology COO Mike Cariola also noted that the firm provides a service that can successfully deliver quality DNA profiles from evidentiary items without the need of law enforcement agencies spending significant amount of capital expenditure.

Cariola added: “We have implemented an amplification procedure that meets the FBI’s quality assurance standards for validation and sets a new performance level for the forensic community which is a testament to the ingenuity of our scientists”.

Should law enforcement agencies invest more in rapid DNA technology?

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