Indian biometric info safe after fire at data center

August 10, 2012 - 

Recently, a fire damaged the lower floors of the building that houses the data center which stores the personal information, and biometric records of Indian citizens.

The Economic Times reported that a spokesperson from the Unique Identification Authority of India said that no data was damaged when the fire hit the building located in Greater Noida in the Gautam Budh Nagar district of India.

Although the fire did not reach the third floor where the data center is located, the carbon soot rendered 150 out of 250 servers at the facility unusable.  It also damaged networking and storage equipment.

The spokesperson noted that the data center is just a small portion of the main center in Bangalore at a space leased from Bharti Airtel.  Further, the Unique Identification Authority of India stated that three to four backups of the biometric data has been stored in various locations across India.

There are no reports yet as to the cause of the fire.

Do you think the Indian government has done enough to ensure the safety of its biometric data centers?


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