M2SYS and ABT Security work on biometric workplace solutions

August 20, 2012 - 

M2SYS Technology has entered into a partnership with Australian based ABT Security Systems to help modernize employee workforce management systems and access control protocols through biometric time and attendance systems and single sign-on software tools.

“This strategic partnership with ABT Security is an important piece of direct efforts to extend the reach of our biometric time and attendance systems and single sign-on identity management solutions to all corners of the globe,” commented Mizan Rahman, M2SYS Founder and CEO. “The depth of ABT Security Systems’ experience combined with the proficiency of our biometric identity management solutions to cut waste and fraud and create efficiency is persuasive for companies seeking to stem losses from employee theft and lost productivity.”

Citing the need to eliminate employee fraud and waste and strengthen audit trails, the partnership will help introduce biometric time and attendance systems and identity management software solutions to ABT Security retail, hospitality, and medical customers.

“The opportunity to partner with M2SYS allows ABT Security Systems’ customers and prospects to stay ahead of the competition in business management, intelligence, HR, and security solutions through integration of biometric time and attendance systems along with single sign-on identity management solutions,” said Reg King, CEO of ABT Group. “Biometric identity management solutions provide accurate identification tools and stop fraud, an area many companies are struggling to control.”

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