New biometric fingerprint scanners helps WV State Police

August 29, 2012 - 

The Huntington detachment of the West Virginia State Police acquired 10 new portable fingerprint identification scanners.  They are handheld, cellular-based devices that the police carry so they can capture suspect’s fingerprints and get identification on the spot.

The scanner allows identification of suspects in minutes, if the suspect’s profile exists in the database.  Trooper Will Hash verified that a few days after having receiving the equipment, it has helped with apprehending a suspect.  The technology identified a person wanted on a federal probation violation for “failure to appear.”  Moreover, the profile cautioned that the person has violent tendencies.

West Virginia has joined the Los Angeles Police Department and the Royal Oak Police in the Detroit area, among others, in using portable fingerprint identification scanners.

Do you think portable fingerprint identification scanner is “must-have” equipment for police officers?


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