Nigeria introduces biometric tracking for foreign oil workers

August 31, 2012 - 

The Nigerian government said it will subject foreign oil workers to biometric capture to track their participation in the country’s oil and gas sector.

The government explained that it felt this approach has become necessary due to the continuing influx of foreign workers, which exceed government quotas. Nigeria is attempting to ensure that more domestic workers are employed in petroleum industry jobs, through its “content monitoring” board.

The Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board issues regulations that strive to build local capacity, increase value creation in country, and define minimum Nigerian participating in the delivery of particular goods and services. The Board also seeks to domicile the production of certain goods and services in country and gives priority to local companies and employees in all aspects of industry operations.

Ernest Nwapa, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board noted that new biometric capture process will protect domestic workers, as the government is increasingly concerned that Nigerians with appropriate skills are losing jobs to foreign counterparts.

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