U.S. insurer offers free child fingerprinting

August 24, 2012 - 

The New York Life Insurance Company is offering free child fingerprinting in Alabama.

According to WAFF, a NBC television affiliate in the state, parents can have their children’s vital information such as age, weight and physical characteristics put on file, along with their fingerprints:

WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

The firm is attending local sporting and other community events in the state to provide the service. If parents cannot attend the events, the insurer will also conduct the fingerprinting in area offices.

Cedric Harris, a spokesperson for New York Life Insurance Company acknowledged that the firm is undertaking the measure to enhance children’s safety. He notes the measure will help “in case something ever happened to your child. They run away. They disappear. They are kidnapped. Heaven forbid something like that ever happens.”

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