Biometric border control gates unveiled at Sofia Airport

September 12, 2012 - 

A set of automated border control gates using biometrics and ePassports has been deployed at Sofia Airport in Bulgaria to enhance the verification process of the traveller’s identities.

Gunnebo, a security solutions provider company, in cooperation with Atos provided four ImmSec Immigration Gates to the airport.

Gunnebo’s ImmSec gates are specifically designed double gates with interlock solutions that are used to automate the validation of travellers at border crossings and immigration checkpoints. The slim design of the gates allows them to be installed in single or multiple lane configurations.

The gate solution also includes face recognition and fingerprint biometric capture and document verification devices.

“Following research and successful trials with Atos at its biometrics centre in Graz, Gunnebo is delighted with this collaborative success,” said Gunnebo’s Business Development Manager Mark Geering. “The major installation of the ImmSec gates at Sofia Airport is the basis for further research for the Future Border Control Project, which aims to increase passenger throughput while maintaining the highest level of security”.

Bulgaria was provided a total of US$312,000 by the European Union to help pay for the systems. Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry stressed that the implementation of the immigration security project is proof of the country’s commitment of uniting with the Schengen area.

The ImmSec system scans the traveller’s ePassport and then performs facial recognition and fingerprint comparisons. The system allows passage of adults holding ePassports from the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland.

Bulgarian officials hope that the implementation of the gates will effectively reduce the time allotted to screen the travellers and likewise help lessen the number of border police required.

Will the new border security project speed airport travel time?

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