DOJ grants $1 million for sex offender biometrics registry

September 5, 2012 - 

The US Department of Justice will provide a grant of $1 million to five Native American tribes in Washington state for the creation of a sex offender registry.

Biometric data gathered from sex offenders will be included in the registry and will include fingerprints and DNA samples.

The grant will also be used to setup a notification system to keep tribe members informed and updated on those who have been placed on the register.

The grants are a part of the implementation of the Adam Walsh Child Protection And Safety Act that President Bush enacted in 2006. The act aims to protect children and vulnerable adults from sex offenders such as pedophiles, pornographers and those who engage in human trafficking.
Under the law, the most serious offenders must report their whereabouts every three months and must do so for the rest of their lives.

Will constant monitoring of known sex offenders and the use of biometrics prevent them from harming any more children?

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