EyeLock Inc. launches iris-scanning turnstile

EyeLock Inc., an identity management technology solutions provider, recently unveiled its latest innovation: the EyeSwipe-Nano TS.

EyeSwipe-Nano TS provides real-time iris capture, both at-a-distance and in motion, and was designed for use in turnstile and other rapid-“throughput” environments. Its hardware and software integrate with all industry standard access control platforms.

The security product is also composed of an integrated card reader that supports legacy users and likewise showcases hardware and software that can integrate with all industry standard access control platforms.

EyeLock’s Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Antolino said: “In its newest form, our latest product offering containing EyeLock’s proven iris authentication technology will further differentiate itself across the access control sector The addition of EyeSwipe-Nano TS to our product portfolio enables system integrators around the world to step up their high throughput identity authentication solutions in a more efficient, secure and cost-effective way.”

EyeLock’s EyeSwipe-Nano TS is currently on display until at the ASIS International event in Philadelphia. The product will also be available for purchase at Stanley Security Solutions (http://www.stanleycss.com/eyelock.html).

Should EyeLock’s EyeSwipe® Nano TS be implemented in airports for security purposes?

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