Fingerprint kits distributed to police in Pakistan

September 25, 2012 - 

In an attempt to modernize criminal investigating methods, 17 police stations in Khanewal, Pakistan were provided with complete fingerprint kits.

The kits contain a finger tube, fingerprint powder, a magnet, printing brushes, convex lens, cordon crime scene tape, electric scales, a DNA tube, a flashlight, plaster of Paris, an iron scare for footprint sketches, bags, measurement tape, cotton rolls, masks and surgical gloves, a digital camera and stationery.

District Police Officer Khanewal Rai Ejaz Ahmad told the Khanewal City News that: “The latest technique of investigation would help police trace and arrest the culprits.” Investigation teams will be able to collect evidence and fingerprints from the scene of the crime, as well as take photos of the incident, which will aid them in the course of their investigations.

Ahmad demonstrated zeal that the kits will be used. In Karachi however, police rarely use such investigation kits. In a story published in in 2010, it was revealed that due to a lack of skills required to use the investigation kits, many criminal investigation officers rarely brought them to crime scenes.

Also, many investigation officers rarely took photographs, despite the fact that the kits contained digital cameras for evidence collection.

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