Ford designing cars that incorporate biometrics

September 26, 2012 - 

Ford is paving the way for in-car communications and sensors.

Engineers at the Ford Research and Innovation lab are designing vehicles with control inputs, sensors, cameras and biometrics that take the driver’s pulse and examine breathing patterns, which will help drivers in demanding situations.

Externally, cameras and sensors will be placed on the side and front of vehicles in order to aid the driver in traffic.

Inside the vehicle, biometric sensors will provide information concerning the driver’s health. Infrared sensors will be placed in the steering wheel to monitor the driver’s palms. The sensors under the steering column will compare the cabin temperature to the driver’s temperature. Sensors will also be installed in seatbelts to measure the driver’s breathing rate.

Gary Strumolo, a manager of vehicle design at Ford said: “Biometrics or health information of the driver can help us better tailor the experience when behind the wheel.”

With both external and internal conditions measured, the car’s computer system can provide alerts to the driver and even to emergency roadside services. If a driver has health problems, or even unconscious, ambulance services can be alerted and dispatched.

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