G4S admits to errors in prison visitor fingerprinting approach

September 14, 2012 - 

Bosses at Oakwood Prison in the UK admitted that forcing children as young as two-years old to have their fingerprints and pictures taken before they were allowed to enter the visiting area was wrong.

Oakwood is a new multi-million pound prison run by G4S. Relatives filed complaints to the prison governor in relation to this practice.

As reported in the Mail Online, G4S explained that: “To maintain security at HMP Oakwood, every visitor coming to the establishment has their fingerprints and photographs taken.” However, the company clarified: “Children and young people are not subject to this requirement and any details taken from those under the age of 18 have been removed from the system.”

The company will investigate its approach to ensure that its does not unnecessarily subject toddlers and children to fingerprint capture and forced pictures in the future.

Do you agree that an internal review is needed to look at G4S’ prison visitor fingerprinting approach?

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