IWS CloudID, the next-generation identity management solution

September 19, 2012 - 

ImageWare Systems, Inc. introduced IWS CloudID on Tuesday at the Biometric Consortium Conference and Biometric Technology Expo in Tampa, Florida.

With the release of Biometric Engine 2.0 (BE 2.0) earlier this year, ImageWare has set its target on becoming the world leader in biometric-based identity management for the cloud. In fact, Fujitsu has certified ImageWare’s biometric engine for its own worldwide NuVola cloud platform.

With IWS CloudID, ImageWare uses a re-envisioned and re-engineered BE 2.0 with interoperability and massive scalability features capable of deploying enterprise-class biometric identity solutions for hundreds of millions of data sets, which can all be accessed from mobile devices to large-scale databases.

IWS CloudID is a modular “future proof” identity management solution product suite that consists of three independent, yet integrated software layers, namely: server-based software modules (IWS CloudID Server Platform), business service software modules (IWS CloudID Business Services) and client-based applications (IWS Cloud ID Applications).

The IWS CloudID Server Platform includes the BE 2.0 which is the heart of the server platform. IWS CloudID Business Services is a software that would enable the company to use or access BE 2.0 with its existing or new applications. And, IWS CloudID Applications will be used for clients of the company for biometric enrollment, identification, verification, card printing and encoding capabilities.

CloudID offers highly secured identity solutions for creation and management of credentials such as IDs, passports, driver’s licenses, smart cards and access control credentials, to integrated mugshots, fingerpring livescan and investigative capabilities.

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