New Auraya offering combines voice biometrics with recognition

September 28, 2012 - 

Auraya Systems, a globally recognized expert on voice authentication solutions, has developed a new version of its ArmorVox solution, which integrates both voice biometrics and voice recognition into a single system.

Previous ArmorVox only used voice biometrics. The company is planning to release the new solution soon.

As reported in ITWire earlier this week, Clive Summerfield, Auraya founder and CEO, said that the latest version of ArmorVox would soon be available for purchase, at customer request.

Dr. Summerfield said, “Our strategy is to become an alternative to Nuance.”

With over 40 partners worldwide, Auraya pledge on selling ArmorVox through partners.

The system can work on both Windows and Linux servers. A single server can store 250,000 voiceprints and handle up to 50,000 verifications per hour. Depending on the user’s needs, ArmorVox is available at two price points: US$40,000 for software as a service; or, US$60,000 per server, plus an additional fee of 15 percent a year for service and maintenance.

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