Smart Card Alliance releases biometrics white paper

September 11, 2012 - 

The Smart Card Alliance released two educational resources this week: a smart card technology for healthcare FAQ and a biometrics brief.

The Smart Card Technology in U.S. Healthcare FAQ is an easy-to-use resource for readers to understand how smart card technology is used for healthcare applications. The comprehensive FAQ answer general questions about smart card technology, as well as the role smart cards can play, and the benefits they can provide, in the healthcare ecosystem, and with patients, healthcare providers, and payers.

The white paper, “Smart Cards and Biometrics in Healthcare Identity Applications,” was developed to provide an overview of smart card and biometric technologies, discuss the key considerations for selecting biometric and smart card technology for identity verification, and describe the benefits of combining smart cards and biometrics for identity applications.

The Smart Card Alliance Healthcare Council brings together payers, providers, and technologists to promote the adoption of smart cards in U.S. healthcare organizations.

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