Sony patent proposes biometric technology to identify users beyond fingerprints

September 24, 2012 - 

Sony Computer Entertainment, the PlayStation division of the Japanese tech giant Sony, is working on new user identification and tracking technology to store biometric data in its yet to be released Playstation 4 console.

Gamer publication recently discovered the patent filed back in May.

The technology being proposed addresses issues such as determining whether the person logged in to an account is actually the real account holder, piracy issues, as well as pushing targeted advertising.

Images in the patent application indicate that instead of just using the typical fingerprinting technology that won’t be able to determine the user after logging in, by using a set of appropriate biometric sensors such as fingerprint sensors, hand sensors, facial recognition system, iris and retinal scanners, voice patterns, and DNA analyzers, it would be able to determine the user even after logging into the account.

Online gadget publication, tapscape, concludes, “At this point, it appears to be more of a concept paper and possibly something that is still in the early stages of development.”

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