Traka unveils weapon lockers that use biometrics

September 5, 2012 - 

Traka, a leader in advanced access control and management control solutions to both private and government agencies, recently launched a new product line of weapon lockers for law enforcement and military applications.

Each locker employs highly advanced measures to improve control and can be opened only by using biometric, smart card or keypad entry to pre-authorized personnel. In addition, robust RFID tagging of each weapon means each item is accounted for at all times and is automatically assigned to authorized individuals, depending on their rank.

As such, weapons usage can be closely monitored, with senior staff able to track who has each weapon as well as access to the store. In addition to boosting security and weapons control, the lockers’ reporting functionality provides 100 percent audit of each weapon accessed, returned and by whom. The locker system can even send a reminder via SMS or e-mail to the user to return checked out weapons as the deadline draws near. The Traka weapons locker also has its own power back up source, which makes it one of the best weapons storage units in its category.

John Kent, President of Traka, said: “Knowing where any military equipment is and who has it is absolutely vital, and never more so than when dealing with lethal weapons. While the military and other organizations have a strong record in weapons security, it has traditionally followed a very manual process involving logging inventory in and out. This process is costly and inefficient due to the high levels of manpower required for constant monitoring, logging and auditing. However, by automating the process with weapons lockers, we are able to improve security while also delivering important cost and time savings that will ultimately benefit other areas of national security.”

Will new high-tech lockers increase firearm safety within police departments?

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