M2SYS hosts monthly #Biometricchat about iris biometrics with EyeLock

October 29, 2012 - 

This Thursday, the monthly M2SYS #biometricchat on Twitter will focus on iris biometrics technology and will feature an expert guest from EyeLock, Inc.

According to the M2SYS blog post, this month’s #biometricchat will look at differences between iris and retina biometric identification technologies, using iris recognition to identify those that are unconscious, public acceptance of iris biometrics compared to other modalities, mobile issues and more.

Chief Strategy Officer at EyeLock Inc., Jeff Carter, will be the monthly guest. Carter is experienced in the field of iris biometrics and was recently a TEDx (Technology, Education and Design) speaker.

“The increasing use of iris biometrics for identification and authentication has many wondering more about exactly how the technology works, what are potential future applications of its use in current and new verticals and is it a safe biometric modality?” states the M2SYS blog post about the event. “Jeff will join us in the discussion as we address these areas and more.”

To participate in the event, all you need is a Twitter account and to follow the hashtag “#biometricchat” starting at 11am EDT Thursday.

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