Silanis updates e-signature platform, now supports Common Access Cards and PIV smart cards for mobile devices

E-signature provider, Silanis, has updated its Mobile e-Sign module as part of its e-Sign Enterprise platform, allowing for a more cohesive and capable mobile experience. The widely-used module now supports the Thursby Pkard SDK, the Biometric Associates baiMobile SDK and the SIC Biometrics SDK, which all offer common access card (CAC) and Personal Identity Verification (PIV) smart card support for mobile devices. Government bodies and agencies often operate in remote circumstances in the field and need to be able to

Nigerian NPC chairman looks to consolidate biometric collection efforts, says those not captured in the next census no longer Nigerian citizens

The Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC) in Nigeria has said any Nigerian who is not captured in the next demographic survey beginning next year will not be recognized as a citizen of Nigeria after the 2016 national population census. The NPC chairman, Festus Odimegwu’s comments have not gone uncriticized. As Allafrica reports, many high ranking officials have dismissed the chairman’s comments, suggesting the statement must have been an error. Odimegwu said that the roughly US $4 billion (N600

Smartmatic, Haiti partner for national biometric civil ID and registry

The government of Haiti has announced it will partner with Smartmatic to modernize the Caribbean country’s civil and identity registry system. Smartmatic will transfer all the required technology knowledge to Haiti as the process unfolds. This project is set to begin immediately with a one-year implementation phase, in which Smartmatic will deploy 700 registration units to biometrically capture faces and ten fingerprints from all Haitian citizens. “We at Smartmatic are focused on our projects having a significant social value for

Aadhaar number holders can now update demographics online, but NPR-Aadhaar duplication remains an issue

The Unique Identificaiton Authority of India has launched a new web portal allowing Aadhaar number holders to correct or update their demographic details on the authority’s database. Currently, the authority has issued roughly 220 million Aadhaar numbers, of the 270 million people who have enrolled, hindustanitimes reports. Aadhaar is a unique twelve-digit number assigned to India’s residents by the UDAI, based on gathered biometric information. The program aims to improve social welfare by providing identity numbers to each of the

Accu-Time Systems launches new fingerprint scanner for workforce management

Accu-Time Systems, a provider of workforce management solutions, has announced the immediate availability of the AccuTouch USB, a multimodal fingerprint scanning device. “AccuTouch USB is a unique portable multispectral reader that sets a new standard for fingerprint performance, reliability and durability,” David Hembrey, Director of Accu-Time Systems UK said. “It will deliver higher levels of user satisfaction and greater return on investment in a wide range of payroll, time and attendance, workforce management and access control applications.” The AccuTouch USB

Ukraine president signs biometric e-passport law

Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych has signed a law which will introduce biometric e-passports to Ukraine, KyivPost reports. This recently signed law stipulates that biometric passports are to be issued to all individuals from birth and regardless of age, for 10 years. These biometric passports will contain among the usual biographical data found on a passport, a digitized photograph and a digitized signature. As reported in, Ukraine’s human rights commissioner previously called upon the president to veto Ukraine’s recently passed biometric

Northrop Grumman delivers proof of concept for Australian automated biometric information system

Northrop Grumman has successfully delivered the trial proof of concept for an automated biometric information system (ABIS) for the Australian Department of Defence. The system will be operated for a trial period to enable testing and refinement of analytical techniques for producing biometrically enabled intelligence and to help determine the requirements for a future biometrics information management solution. “This delivery is a key step in the development of a multimodal biometric data repository for the Australian Department of Defence,” Samuel

IDair sees boost in demand for fingerprint scanner after PopSci shout-out

No press is bad press, as they say, but what about great press? After being listed in this year’s “Best of What’s New” list in Popular Science, U.S.-based IDair has seen a significant increase in demand for its AIRprint fingerprint scanner, reports. The AIRprint is a unique fingerprint scanner that can effectively scan fingerprints through photographic capture from as far as six meters. “There’s a burgeoning space in mobile device and biometric hardware, when you’re going to use some sort of personal

Fingerprint Cards and CrucialTec sign three-year supply agreement

Fingerprint Cards (FPC)  and CrucialTec (CT) have signed a three-year supply agreement and amendment to their existing Joint Development & Production Agreement (JDA) for the production of the Biometric Track Pad (BTP). The BTP product has now been finalized for mass production and is available in many different colors, shapes and forms to address the growing interest from leading mobile phone and tablet suppliers. The BTP will be manufactured at CT’s packaging plants. Since the two companies signed the JDA in

Haryana to set up fingerprint scan checkposts to curb crime

In a bid to reduce crime committed by outsiders, Indian state Haryana is setting up checkposts in 30 different border locations, and police will randomly stop vehicles and collect fingerprint scans as a part of a new program called Pehchan Kaun, The Times of India reports. This new system kicks off on December 10, 2012, as police officials have seen great success with the Pehchaun Kaun PCR Vans program which helped nab nearly 500 criminals in just five months. These