Accu-Time Systems launches new fingerprint scanner for workforce management

November 30, 2012 - 

Accu-Time Systems, a provider of workforce management solutions, has announced the immediate availability of the AccuTouch USB, a multimodal fingerprint scanning device.

“AccuTouch USB is a unique portable multispectral reader that sets a new standard for fingerprint performance, reliability and durability,” David Hembrey, Director of Accu-Time Systems UK said. “It will deliver higher levels of user satisfaction and greater return on investment in a wide range of payroll, time and attendance, workforce management and access control applications.”

The AccuTouch USB uses multiple wavelengths of light to capture surface information as well as data from capillaries one millimeter below the skin’s surface. According to the company, capturing fingerprint data in this way provides more accurate reads even when the fingerprint surface is obscured, as the pattern of these capillary structures is identical to the surface print.

Biometric workforce management and time and attendance solutions are becoming increasingly common in workplaces today. As reported previously in BiometricUpdate, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences will soon introduce a biometric workforce management system to track attendance and a Toronto Law firm is also looking to implement a fingerprint scanning system to monitor its employees.

According to M2SYS, “the benefits of biometric employee identification are becoming more widely recognizable in the workforce management community. Recent studies have shown that the integration of a biometric solution into employee time clock terminals and software can help an organization to save up to 7 percent of gross payroll annually by utilizing secure fingerprint recognition technology to eliminate buddy-punching.”

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