AllWeb Technologies launches cloud-based password manager with fingerprint verification

November 26, 2012 - 

AllWeb Technologies recently announced the first cloud-based 2-step identity verification and password system for home users. This new system, called AllWebID verifies a user’s identity with either their fingerprint or cell phone.

“By combining unique user IDs with real-time fingerprint matching, we are able to offer an extremely secure and convenient solution to consumers,” Adnan Qadeer, Allweb Technologies Co-Founder and CEO said.

According to the product website, AllWebID is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, and stores passwords in secure cloud vaults, unique to each user. Users can access their AllWebID passwords on any Windows computer, and can verify their identity through a two-step process using either a fingerprint scanner attached to a computer or a unique text message sent to a their cell phone.

AllWebID supports authentication through multiple mainstream fingerprint sensor models, including those manufactured by Validity, UPEK (now Authentec) and Digital Persona.

“AllWebID takes every security measure to make sure confidential information stays that way,” the website states. “Strong end to end encryption always keeps your data secure. AllWebID uses state of the art Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit encryption keys for data storage, along with 256-bit SSL for data transmission.”

AllWebID is currently available in two versions. There is a free version which allows users to save up to 5 websites login details. The paid option of this service costs USD$2 per month and allows users to save login details for any number of websites.

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