SkyBiometry launches as Neurotechnology spin-off for facial detection and recognition SaaS

December 12, 2012 - 

SkyBiometry, a new company providing cloud-based biometric software as a service (SaaS), was officially launched today as a spin-off of Neurotechnology, a provider of precision biometric identification, object recognition and computer vision technologies.

In conjunction with the corporate launch, SkyBiometry introduced a free, cloud-based face detection and recognition API based on a facial recognition algorithm from Neurotechnology, the underlying technology behind many commercial facial recognition products around the world.

“With the launch of SkyBiometry we are pleased to provide cloud-based biometric products and services,” Denis Kocetkov, CEO of SkyBiometry said. “The flexibility and scalability of the SaaS delivery model, together with trusted and proven computer vision technology, creates unique advantages in helping to solve our customers’ business needs.”

The company has announced that the SkyBiometry face detection and recognition API is available for free, giving developers who are new to facial recognition a no-risk opportunity to explore using the technology. Additionally, this will provides the large group of developers who have invested time and money in creating applications based on the discontinued Facecom API to continue their work with a compatible API.

Along with the free service, SkyBiometry has also announced monthly subscription plans for those who require a more robust offering, and require more than 5000 API calls per month.

“Some recognition integrators prefer to implement their solutions as online services instead of implementing them as on-premises end-user applications,” Dr. Algimantas Malickas, CEO of Neurotechnology said. “SkyBiometry offers integrators an easy way to use our face recognition technologies in the online service offerings.”

As reported previously in, Neurotechnology earlier this year released NPointer, a new tool for computer vision technologies that uses hand gestures instead of a mouse.

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