Sony to say goodbye to DualShock, hello to biometrics

January 21, 2013 - 

Sony may soon be retiring the Playstation’s DualShock controller in favour of a new biometric solution, an unnamed development source has told CVG.

In a CVG report last week, a senior games studio source working on a new Sony game said the new system’s controller has gone through numerous experiments and iterations “few of which resemble the DualShock build that has become synonymous with PlayStation.” The source also hinted that versions of the new controller include biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen.

Citing a second source, CVG also discovered that PlayStation engineers are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies as the PS Vita.”

It’s likely Sony’s new system will be announced in the early portion of this year.

In September, reported a new Sony patent filed in 2012 that outlined a system of user identification and tracking technology to store biometric data, including the use of fingerprint and hand sensors.

Sony is definitely not the first to include biometrics in a gaming system. As reported previously in, Valve has announced it will being to make a Linux-powered console with plans to introduce biometrics into controllers.

Likewise, also reported Microsoft has filed a patent for real-time biometrics in a gaming environment, particularly for multi-player experiences.

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