GfK upgrades ad testing system, looks to new emotional recognitions

February 21, 2013 - 

GfK has integrated EMO Scan, its award-winning biometric measure of emotional response, into its existing ad testing system.

EMO Scan gains consumers’ permission to use their own webcams, to track their facial movement in real time as they view advertising. EMO scan biometrically measures moment-by-moment emotional reactions to advertising, studying the type and intensity of emotions ads evoke in viewers.

“Our system is unique because it reads people’s authentic emotional response to advertising using an exposure environment that is not forced,” Nathalie Mandavit, Global Director of GfK Communication Efficiency. “A low involvement viewing experience is absolutely essential, to capture people’s spontaneous reactions to the advertising creative, unaffected by influences from an artificial environment. This means that we can deliver outstanding sensitivity in our measure of emotional response – which, when fully integrated with a person’s claimed emotions towards an ad, significantly boosts our clients’ success in optimizing their advertising creative.”

Gfk is currently looks to expand the EMO Scan platform, adding new measures for emotional recognition.

According to the company, EMO Scan won the 2012 Innovation Prize from the BVM, a German association for market and social research.

Reported previously in, Unilever and Coca-Cola have begun using facial coding technology to assess the emotional impact of their ads. The two companies work with Millward Brown to assess the ads, and use the facial coding technology – called Affdex – from Affectiva.

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