Biometric registry for Ayurvedic, Unani doctors in India

March 11, 2013 - 

Indian Chief minister Jagadish Shettar has recently announced an online biometric registry system for all Ayurvedic and Unani doctors, in an attempt to curb unlicensed medical practice.

Reported in the Deccan Herald, this registration system is a Karnataka Ayurveda and Unani Practitioners (KAUP) Board objective.

“This initiative should be extended to other forms of medicine also, which will keep the quacks at bay,” Shettar said.

According to the report, the online database, which will also have a web portal, will contain details on all registered practitioners and will include four main security features including a photo, signature, a thumb impression and a barcode containing a unique ID number.

Biometric systems are being rapidly deployed across India, and hospitals too have found many uses for this technology. Though this new system is for identity verification, there are also many systems in place in Southeast Asian hospitals for streamlining the storage and transmission of patient records and also as a workforce management solution.

Reported previously in, biometric attendance systems are set to be installed at health centers in the Palau division in Jharkhand, as absenteeism and lateness are major issues hospitals in the district say they face daily.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences will also introduce a biometric time clock to track attendance.

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