NEC provides biometric security system for pilot test at Narita International Airport

March 21, 2013 - 

NEC is providing a security system for field trials of a “Non-stop Gate” system being carried out by Narita International Airport.

The pilot test began this week and will last for two weeks at the airport.

Currently, visitors to the airport are required to provide identification to security personnel prior to entering the facility. The “Non-stop Gate” trial aims to eliminate the need for providing ID while maintaining a high level of security. Under the new system, passengers will be allowed to move through the terminal without having to stop and provide identification. The system will rely on facial recognition.

According to the company, as the trials proceed, administrators will optimize the placement and angle of cameras, as well as lighting conditions in order to ensure the most effective utilization of the system.

Reported previously in, NEC recently launched a facial recognition system, geared towards the retail sector. The service, called NeoFace, gathers data about shopping frequency, demographics and other metrics to help companies tailor their marketing strategies.

Many airports are looking to introduce biometric systems to streamline processing through terminals today. Human Recognition System has also recently performed a pilot test of a biometric system at Gatwick Airport. 

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