VoiceVault announces language-independent passphrase authentication

March 8, 2013 - 

VoiceVault has just announced its latest generation of voice biometric identification solution, which now sports language-independent personalized passphrase modes.

According to the company, the language-independent phrase can be anything, and six- to 10-word phrases are ideal. Users can create their own phrase, or the system will randomly assign one.

The new solution is available in three different modes: common, closed and open. The difference relate to how the phrases are used and what the voice biometric engine knows about the words in them. Common mode entails all users sharing the same phrase; closed mode means the biometric engine knows the words in the phrase and the user can choose one to use; open mode is where a user can say any phrase, in any language.

“Retaining valuable customers is now an important part of customer service,” Nik Stanbridge, VP of Product Marketing for VoiceVault said. ”Providing organizations with the ability to deliver identity verification solutions that offer a personalized user experience is an important component of this. Our flexible range of voice biometric passphrase modes delivers the capability that makes this possible.”

Reported previously in BiometricUpdate.com, VoiceVault recently announced that its solutions had just been verified by Microsoft as having the ability to handle at least 1 billion authentications per year.

VoiceVault had an eventful 2012 and has announced major partnerships lately. Identified as one of the most notable contract wins in 2012 by BiometricUpdate.com, VoiceVault announced that its voice biometric identity verification solution would be used by a leading U.S. cable provider.


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