NEC announces facial recognition product suite

April 8, 2013 - 

NEC Corporation of America has announced its newest integrated facial recognition product suite: NeoFace.

At its core, the NEC NeoFace Product Suite uses advanced facial processing and matching algorithms that have achieved high rankings in independent third-party testing. According to the company, NEC NeoFace image-matching algorithms achieved the highest ranking in 2010 accuracy tests conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The NeoFace facial recognition product suite includes NeoFace Reveal, a software application dedicating to solving crimes, and allows for the capture of “latent face,” either from photographs or crime scene videos. Also included is NeoFace Watch, which integrates existing video surveillance systems enhancing security by extracting faces in real time from surveillance cameras. NeoFace Smart ID, which is also included in the suite, is a smartphone and tablet-based solution that enables collection and identification of fingerprint, face, voice, voice, demographic and other source data.

“NEC’s new NeoFace Product Suite is rooted in the most advanced and accurate facial matching technology available,” Raffie Beroukhim, vice president of NEC’s Biometrics Solutions Division said. “Complementary and interrelated, this new product suite provides four distinct solutions targeted at specific users. Addressing forensic, security, in the field and appliance requirements, our new product suite supports the needs of our clients seeking optimal performance, accuracy and reliability in their identification systems. Extraordinary tolerance for poor quality images — as low as 2,000 bytes and inter-eye distance of as low as 24 pixels — from highly compressed surveillance videos or photographs results in higher rate of positive identification and unparalleled accuracy.”

Reported previously in, NEC launched the NeoFace suite in Japan last year, targeting retailers.

NEC has also announced it will be exhibiting at the ISC West Expo in Las Vegas, April 9-12 at booth #4145.


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