Biometrics Institute launches 2013 Industry Survey

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The Biometrics Institute has launched its 2013 industry survey, which asks members and key stakeholders to provide input on the current status and future developments of the biometric space.

Now in its fourth year, the survey assesses trends and developments in the biometrics industry. The results of this survey will provide some projections and expectations for the performance of the industry in the coming year and to also show areas for development and research.

“Over 200 biometric industry representatives responded to last year’s Industry Survey and predicted the adoption of biometrics in everyday life as the most significant development during 2012-13,” Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive of the Biometrics Institute said.

The survey is presently being circulated to all members of the Biometrics Institute and other key.

According to the institute, initial results will be released at the upcoming Biometrics Technology Showcase Europe on June 27, 2013 in London.

More information on the annual survey is available from the Biometrics Institute website.

Reported in, the Biometrics Institute Asia-Pacific Conference 2013, is set to take place soon, on May 30, 2013, in Dockside Sydney.

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