Fingerprint background checks for day care workers in Georgia

May 2, 2013 - 

Georgia’s governor, Nathan Deal has just signed a bill into law that will see national fingerprint and criminal record searches performed for day care workers.

Reported in The Telegraph, the bill was previously sponsored by state representative Allen Peake and updates the old system, which required only a Georgia-based background check for daycare workers in the state.

In Georgia there are currently about 6,000 day cares serving approximately 300,000 children.

The Bill, House Bill 350, specifically requires national fingerprint and criminal record searches to be done by 2017 on all current employees and on all who apply for these jobs, starting in 2014. Every five years, a recheck of records is required and short-term employees can be hired after only a Georgia-based records search, to ensure daycares aren’t short-staffed, waiting for background checks.

As fingerprint databases are increasing in size, and technology is increasingly accessible, fingerprint background checks are becoming quite common.

Reported previously in, American Senator Dianne Feinstein proposed legislation last year in response to the Newtown, Conn., murders that represents a tougher ban on assault weapons and would see all gun owners fingerprinted and photographed for positive identification.

Also, Martin O’Malley, the Democratic Governor of Maryland previously looked to introduce a provision which would force prospective gun owners to provide fingerprints to state police.

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